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Air Source Heat Pumps

Outstanding performance and efficiency

A Class Dimplex Air Source Heat PumpDimplex A Class is designed specifically to maximise year-round heating system efficiency, no matter the weather conditions. It outperforms the UK’s leading heat pumps and the efficiency assumptions in the industry best-practice Heat Emitter Guide. As a result, Dimplex A Class will achieve a higher Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) than other heat pumps at similar water flow temperatures. And better efficiency means lower running costs and a faster payback for the homeowner.

High output, high temperature

Dimplex A Class delivers full heat output, even at air temperatures as low as -7°C and at high water flow temperatures. It also meets the requirements of the MIS3005 ‘100% sizing rule’, even for properties requiring design temperature heat loads of up to 15kW, sparing homeowners the expense of upsizing. Plus, while many heat pumps can only heat water to 55°C, Dimplex A Class has a maximum flow temperature of 65°C. So it can meet all the domestic hot water requirements without reliance on costly electrical backup. And it can still do this even when the outside temperature is unusually low, so customers never have to worry about unexpectedly high running costs or running out of hot water. Respectable efficiency and no loss of heating capacity at higher water temperatures also mean that where it is not cost-effective or feasible to upgrade existing radiators, A Class can still provide a viable solution. In many instances, A Class can be paired with existing radiators without the need for resizing and still provide an attractive annual saving when compared with oil or LPG.