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Ground Source Heat Pumps


GSHP technology has be available in Scandinavia for over 50 year. The technology was developed by the Swedish energy industry to take advantage of its Hydro Electric dams.

Click here for information on the Inverter Drive Ground Source Heat Pump from Eco ForestGSHPs take latent heat from the ground via horizontal or vertical pipes, filled with brine (antifreeze) we can also extract the energy from a surface or sub surface water source .

A GSHP is an electrically power heating system that converts a small amount of heat into useful energy ,using compressed refrigerant gas. By using this unique method of heating, we can convert every electrical unit you pay for in to 3 or more units that come from the energy created by the sun and stored naturally by our own planet.

With advances in wind and solar energy and in battery storage technology, heat pumps are set to take the place of less clean forms of heating.

We can deliver both domestic and commercial heating systems.